How to improve the wireless network signal in Windows 7

When the wireless network is weak, things are slow and adaptador molex or you get disconnected far too often. You know how irritating it is to work in a network with weak signals. Windows 7 notifies you when the signal strength is weak.
But what are the steps you can take to improve the wireless network signal or reception?

Improve the speed of your wireless network

How can you improve the wireless network signal? Here are some tips to help.

Place your wireless router or access point in a central Location
It is necessary to review the core of the wireless network installed in your home and put the wireless router accordingly. If your house has two floors and want to access the network from any plant, you may want to place the router on top of a shelf so that the two plants receive proper signals. Similarly, check out what all the rooms are going to use the router and set the router in a place where each room are roughly the same distance.

If you place the router in a corner room, you get good signals in that room, but the room to the other corner of the house can receive weak signals. Also, in this case, most of the signals will move out of the house and you need to password protect the network so others do not begin to use it.

Remove obstructions if possible

While you can not move the walls of the house, you can move other obstacles to wireless signals. These include metal shelves, etc. almirahs It is also necessary to leave the router of the outer walls, i. e. the walls marking the outer limits of the house. Hardware obstruct the way of wireless signals and the signals travel in a straight line and do not have the ability to bend obstructions. Placing signs to the outer walls give away most of the signal strength with its neighbors.

Use a high-gain antenna

The default antenna that comes with different router models are omni-directional. This means that signals are sent in all directions. In these cases, if the router is placed into the outer walls, half the signals pass outside the home. If it is a removable antenna, replace it with high-gain antenna to enhance wireless signal. A high gain antenna lets you focus signals in the corners you want.

Stop using card adapters based Computers

If your laptop or computer has built-in wireless networking capability, okay. If not, and you are using wireless network adapters based on the card, it is likely that your PC will not be able to talk back to the router. This means that despite its router sends out a good resistance to equipment, adapters based wireless network card does not have the functionality to restore proper strength signals. Wireless networks work properly, both the router and computers must be able to communicate properly. I suggest replacing the card-based wireless adapters USB wireless network adapters. Another benefit of using USB wireless network adapters is employing high-gain antenna that will improve your wireless network.

Use a wireless repeater

Like radio stations use a repeater at regular intervals to intercept and boost weak signals before sending them forward, wireless repeaters can be used on your home network. The purpose of using wireless repeaters to pick up weak signals and send them to a particular direction after increasing signal strength. This will not only enhance the resilience of the network, but also helps in expanding the network to a wider area.

Updating the firmware of the router and adapters

Vendors of routers and adapters keep on updating the firmware related to your products. Updates are available on the websites of suppliers. Make it a habit to check these websites for updates at regular intervals. If you find any updates for your devices, update them. This will not only improve the performance of their products, but also improves the security provided by the product.

Moving to 802.11n

Most network devices are built around the 802.11g technology. 802.11n technology is here and offers faster speeds with improved stability. Consider moving to 802.11n by replacing network adapters router and older. Also, when buying equipment, buy all of them from a single source for better performance.

Check this if your Windows 8 PC is suffering from poor WiFi performance and this to know how to increase speed and WiFi signal strength and coverage area.

The above tips help improve wireless signal. If you know something important to improve the strength of the wireless network, please share with us.

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