Toyota promises autonomous cars on the roads by 2020

2020 is the year marked in red on the business plans of the major companies involved in the creation of autonomous cars. That is the time when all they have promised to launch their vehicles, the moment when we can finally enjoy traveling by car without driving.

Google had already confirmed that commercially launch its Smart car that year, as they had done Nissan or General Motors.
The latest to join this group has been the Toyota Japanese. The firm already has been testing its own technology called aplicaciones on Highway Teammate car, a modified version of the Lexus GS has already filmed for several highways of Tokyo.

Since Toyota say their technology is safe and has managed to change lanes and roads in or out completely autonomously.

Toyota signed a exdirectivo DARPA to boost its smart cars

This announcement is not surprising, since Toyota is making great efforts to consolidate its position in the market for smart cars and autonomous vehicles. In that sense, the Japanese company recently announced the signing of a former director of DARPA, the US government agency for defense technology projects and investments in the sector that will involve an outlay of 50 million dollars.

Gill Prat, the newest addition to Toyota, is currently at the helm of two new partnerships with educational institutions automotive senior in matters of technological advances such as the Californian University of Stanford, whose classrooms have emerged as technology gurus creators Google and Yahoo, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), according to the website specializing in technology Recode. Until his arrival at Toyota, Pratt had been responsible for projects DARPA robotics, the same agency that in the 1960s when its acronym ARPA were laid the foundations of what is now the Internet.

Google, the most advanced technology leads

Toyota is part of the squad of companies in the industry, clearly led by Google, a company that also shares knowledge and best practices with other automakers.

Not surprisingly, Google autonomous vehicles typically circulate near the corporate headquarters of Alphabet and the streets and roads conventional Mountain View Area. So far, these cars have already shot more than 16,000 kilometers in various conditions (highway, city, rural route) and in various weather conditions.

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