How to play files formatted mpc

MPC format that is?

The MPC format, some informal tests, has a quality for an average of 170kbps bitrate higher than the quality of the MP3 format to a bitrate of 256 kbps or more, that is, in most cases the MPC format is capable of delivering a transparent reproduction (indistinguishable from CD quality digital audio) for an average bitrate of 170kbps. In other words, better quality and smaller than an MP3 file.

But now the key question, how the MPC files?

Plugins and programs to play MPC files

Typically popular players such as Winamp or Windows Media Player need a plugin, which is something like a small soft to be installed for the program to recognize the file type and normally played.
The plugins are:

Plugin for Winamp

Plugin for Windows Media Player

These plugin to play MPC files are installed in the program for each plugin folder (usually in C: files formatted mpc Program Files files formatted mpc program name files formatted mpc plugin)
Another option is to install the soft called foobar2000 that does not require any plugin to play music in mpc.

Generating a MPC file

Finally, if you are looking to burn an audio disc through Nero files mcf with the corresponding Nero plugin to recognize and record the audio in this format is as follows: Nero plugin.

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