Apple buys startup VocalIQ to boost his assistant Siri

Apple has acquired UK VocalIQ startup specializing, as its name suggests, to develop natural language through which humans and machines to communicate more easily.

It has been the site specialized in Recode technology that has given the news, although they have not disclosed details such as the total volume of the transaction, the date or what will happen from now with the team and the offices of the company in the UK. Apple used to not provide official explanations of any kind on purchases of startups that performs from time to time, nor to elaborate on the goal or purpose of these.

In any case, VocalIQ business, according to its official website (which, incidentally, no message about acquiring not shown), to transform and improve the way in which machines and people communicate, but to do so From one perspective, at least, different: it is not that humans learn to talk like robots, as in time has been advocated, but that robots are trained to understand, getting a little better, to humans.

What makes VocalIQ is developing a technology that allows developers to improve the way in which applications communicate with users through a series of vocal interfaces that can be used in many devices, including not missing objects Internet of things, such as cars and appliances.

What does seem clear is that this purchase will have effects on Siri, the virtual assistant Apple, which, probably, the Cupertino company wants to invest renewed now that the competition becomes fiercer with Facebook efforts working on M and Windows Cortana betting as a cornerstone of Windows 10, the new version of its operating system.

Of VocalIQ adds to a broader procurement list. In September it was to Mapsense, a startup analytics maps, last May the company of Tim Cook acquired Coherent Navigation, a company specializing in GPS systems company, and that same month also bought lastartupalemana Metaio specialized in augmented reality.

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