Apple will rely on Intel chips for future iPhone 7

Profound change in strategy that will raise the future Apple iPhone 7. And, the next smartphone apple brand could implement modems and Intel processors, provided that the negotiations between the two companies come to fruition.

As the VentureBeat website reveals the appearance of the modem is the most advanced and is, in fact, Intel had already hired 1,000 new engineers to make it.
These would be the Intel 7360 LTE modem that will go into production this year and that handset manufacturers can access in the first quarter of 2016.

So far, Qualcomm was the official supplier of LTE technology for Apple iPhone. Currently, both the iPhone and the iPhone 6s 6s Plus feature Qualcomm 9X45 LTE modems.

Intel could also deal processor iPhone

But Apple does not stop there and is willing to abandon its two traditional supplier of processors for their mobile and tablet (Samsung and TSMC) in favor of Intel, a company that had promised chips more energy efficient and smaller.

Of reached agreement, Apple would continue in charge of the design of the processor and Intel would see their production, as is already happening with TSMC and Samsung.

In this case, the change is motivated by the process of manufacturing the chips: while the two current suppliers produce processors in a process of 20 nm, Intel is able to do in 14 nm and even rumor than 10 nm. This difference would produce more dense and reliable for the iPhone chips.

The horizon: a chip in one

And finally, the icing on the cake: Apple seeks short-term build a single chip that integrates both the processor and the LTE modem. This idea, which is already reflected in the S1 chip that mounts the Apple Watch, would reduce the space occupied by these elements within the terminal, allowing downsizing or expanding the space occupied by other items’, as the battery.

Also joining processor and LTE modem would, theoretically, greater energy efficiency and greater speed. To include this technology in the new iPhone in July (presumably to be launched in September 2016), Apple would be a serious blow on the table to answer two of the most frequent complaints of users of smartphones: battery and speed.

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