Compressing Files or Folders

Programs to compress files or folders

When you compress a file of the same size it is reduced without losing information or give up any of the quality. Are the same data sorted differently to take up less space, from 20 to 90 less depending on the format of the original file.

Knowing compress a file is essential in order to send information from one place to another.
For example, it is very useful when you submit a photo, a video, a program or file by mail, a copy something pendriver or just to keep a copy on disk in a space.

To compress files or complete folders can use any of these popular programs:

WinRar (recommended) Download Link evaluation version

WinZip link to download evaluation version

WinAce (Free) Download Link

When compress have to be sure that the recipient of the file has any of these programs to decompress it to its original format and access its contents.

Another option is to compress a file format. EXE unpack automatically without any program.

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