How to record sounds from Winamp

Write to a file what you hear in WinAmp

Many times we would like to record the new songs that only sound on the radio to listen then, but few know how. Here we show the way in which from the powerful Winamp lets you record any sound that you play.

Go to the Winamp Preferences window (Ctrl record sounds from Winamp P) and the output plugins (plugins> output) section choose Nullsoft Disk Writer plug-in.
If you wish, you can select which will be the output format (MP3, WAV, WMV) and in that folder will be saved. To do this click setting and have those options. Then, you press to accept and close the Preferences window. From now on you listen with Winamp will be saved as an audio file in the folder and the format you have selected, rather than be heard from the speakers, so do not panic if you notice that there is no audio for more than Winamp It appears to act as if he had.

To stop recording simply stop playing and return to listen through the speakers again, return to the preferences record sounds from Winamp select output plugins and DirectSound output. Always remember to replace this plugin because otherwise everything being played will be recorded in a file and can take up too much space, plus could not hear anything on your speakers.

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