Sony acquired the startup of augmented reality and virtual Softkinetic

A new alliance of interesting business opportunities just forged in the field of virtual reality: the Sony company has acquired Softkinetic, a person responsible for a technology capable of detecting through the (small) gestures we make with our hands startup cameras.

This was confirmed by the Japanese corporation in a statement indicating that the purchase has been closed following an agreement with the company and its major shareholders, which has resulted in the conversion of SoftKinetic a subsidiary of Sony.

The technology that Softkinetic specializes is known as ToF, acronym that corresponds to the abbreviation of time-of-flight ‘(flight time), and it works with cameras with high accuracy and sensitivity to detect motion .
These measure at high speed the distance between your target different objects, recording what the flight time recorded by light beams whose career comes to each object, reflecting on it and coming back to the camera. For example, a hand and fingers.

The press release added after Sony combine this technology with their own baggage, which does not need to remember which includes the range of PlayStation consoles. Users can thus use their hands to grab and manipulate objects in the virtual environment. The video game is one of the areas in which it is expected that advances in virtual reality will find more applications, and the Japanese already made public that works to develop its own smart glasses augmented reality and its own virtual reality helmet that VR will be called PlayStation. Both releases are planned for mid-2016, approximately.

It is one of the many steps we are taking major technological approach to virtual reality, which Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook, owns Oculus VR) has said it is the technology of the future. Other examples are CardBoard Google glasses, the Samsung Gear VR or Hololens of Microsoft.

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