How to install games that are compressed

Why games are usually tablets

Chances are that when downloading a game or program that comes in a single compressed file, this is because a compressed program takes up much less space and reduce download times, it is also more comfortable having everything in one.

As unzip the game

To access all the information it contains must be opened with the appropriate program as its format and decompress all the contents to a folder of your choice or load it as a virtual disk.

If the file is compressed, here we explain how you extract files according to the extension to access inside.

Installing the game

The next step is to look in the folder where you extracted all, or the virtual drive loaded with the file, the installer generally Setup, install will be called or install.

In many programs this executable opens an installation wizard that can easily follow.

If the program or game requires an activation code or a key number is surely in a text file or need to look at the root of the folder or subfolder inside another application that will generate the necessary code.

Game or image file. iso

It may be that the program or game comes in a file format image CD or DVD, which is nothing more than a file that contains an exact copy of all the information on the CD.

In these cases to proceed with the installation we must first convert the file to a CD like the original. For this we have two options, one is to burn a CD or DVD using the file, the other is to mount the file in a virtual CD or DVD.

These items will help in these steps: How to open, load or save an image file to CD or DVDComo quickly create virtual drives.

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