How to check the BIOS version in Windows XP

BIOS (system Basic Input bios Output) is a program of firmware incorporated in a computer motherboard. BIOS allows users to control and configure the hardware, such as hard disks, peripheral devices or video card. The BIOS version is important if you plan on upgrading your motherboard firmware.
The BIOS updated often results in better system performance. Windows XP includes a program system tool that gathers key information about the hardware in your computer. The use of this utility can conveniently recover the BIOS version and date.


Click All Programs in the Start menu in Windows XP.

Open the Accessories folder System Tools one.

Click System to get to the System Information window.

Click on the tab System Summary in the left pane of the window.

Find the item BIOS version bios date on the right side of the window.

Read BIOS version and release date in the Value column.

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