How to download mp3 digital music stores

Beyond disputes between legal or illegal, the music in MP3, WMA or any other digital compression format is as popular listening mode.

Legal music stores are beginning to peek into the world of online marketing, with boom in the first world countries with little impact even in underdeveloped countries for obvious reasons, but they all say the trend will be different in the future.

There are more and more digital music stores, usually through a subscription service, with additional purchases allowed, and one of the first and most successful so far is the I Tunes Music Store, Apple multinational, mother of the famous I Pod player, creating that undoubtedly gave him the lead in digital music, often combined with the music store.
The price per song round approximately 0.99 dollars or Euros, and its operation through a program installed on your computer lets you play and easily manage your entire music library.

Of course Bill Gates is not going to stand idly by watching as other company all sales in music takes, so Microsoft created its own site: MSN Music. In this shop the cost per issue is the same as in I Tunes. Variants offers the possibility to listen to the song online for 0.01 Audio and Music 0.99 by downloading a song and 9.99 per Audio and Music or 20 euros monthly subscription to listen to 2,500 songs or download up to 25 tracks.

There are also some restrictions on the use of each file (all with Microsoft WMA format) which can be burned to a CD or take it to a portable player in most cases, but not copy it to another PC. Download them the site has a manager, an online library that stores a backup of the purchased songs and a search by genre, artist or song title.

Another international music store has a large catalog is the Yahoo Music which offers the possibility to download unlimited music from the online store through an annual subscription of 120, or monthly at a lower price.

In short, most music stores offers the download, subscriptions for a limited time or a certain number of songs, file and perhaps this is negative the high cost still remains especially in Latin America, where the economic reality is different from those of developed countries, which keeps booming piracy regarding the legal use of music files.

Below is a list of other digital music stores:

AOL Music


Terra Spain

Latino Faro

10 Music (Argentina)

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