How to download Flash animations websites

Flash on the Web

Many websites have excellent animations, applications, games and services made in Flash. They are an attractive way to present them. However, whether to use it without being connected or study a little better, it is recommended that we download to your computer, How do you save a file that is in a flash website?

Quite simply, in this note we show how to save an animation that is posted in cyberspace.

How to download Flash animations

For this we have two routes, one through browsers like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, and another through applications that specialize in keeping swf files from web sites.

Download Flash animations from the Cache Explorer. The first step is to go to the site where the application or flash animation that we want to keep.

Once you downloaded the animation is played to the end, we will open My Computer in an Explorer window write temp in the address bar, and then press Enter.

A directory where there are temporarily stored many envision when navigating content such as stored video from Youtube, direct discharges or open files directly from a browser opens.

Then select the Temporary Internet Files folder and click on LastChecked. That will be the directory where the files are stored.

All files. swf are flash animations. If you find a large archive of weight in comparison with others, without the extension, it is possible that either the video or flash animation since the sites change frequently extension. swf for precisely that can not be saved, especially sites that offer samples of website templates for sale in flash.

Download with Real Player. Another option to download Flash animations from a site is through the Real Player software.

After installing it, we see the browser, either Internet Explorer or Mozilla, a toolbar that allows you to save any flash file is playing, something amazing, practical and easy to use.

This bar allows you to save even Youtube videos, entire websites made in flash, and even heavy applications.

Download Flash in Firefox. Finally, if you’re using Firefox, you will find many plugins or extensions with a single button click can download the Flash animations and videos. Some of them are Download Flash and Video, Flash video downloader and Flashgot.

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