Best Programs to Create Music

The best program to make music

For lovers of music creation, let’s talk about a number of useful programs that allow to obtain outstanding performance and quality in our projects. In this case, we have analyzed three of the most used and admired market programs to make music: Ableton Live, FL Studio and MAGIX Music Maker.

Create your music with Ableton Live

This is one of the programs with a greater amount of prizes of the audio industry.
Ableton Live offers absolute professionalism in a relatively simple environment because it will be essential that we have a basic understanding when to get down to work. If we already have these notions, no doubt, be easy to handle.

Ableton Live has an interesting library where we find samples and MIDI files that can be used to create music, which gives us a really important versatility and outstanding functionality, plus we can save considerable time when performing our own compositions. Since instruments themselves up effects, certainly not at fault we will take nothing when we use this fantastic program.

Ableton Live environment is completely in Spanish, but the trouble is that the version you can download for free is a demo version, without all its functions. However, it is certain that when we tested the many possibilities offered, end up buying us the full version.

FL Studio, all to feel a DJ

FL Studio is the new version of the formerly known as FruityLoops. Its main function is to synthesizer and sequencer, which lets you create loops and mixes of audio quality, which can control all aspects of the creation of our new musical works.

Undoubtedly, this is a program of proven quality and has long been offering maximum versatility in creating music.

Since FL Studio we can make any sample, because it has a lot of options in sound effects.

As the number of channels will have no problem, because we can create all you want, plus manage independently for highlight at all times relevant effects depending on the purpose of our creation.

FL Studio is a very intuitive program that allows us to master it in no time. Of course, if we want to enjoy all its possibilities, we will have to spend hours to understand the wide range we offer.

Create your own music with MAGIX Music Maker

In this case we have another program to create music with environment also in Spanish and in demo version, but we can also get hold of the full version and pay.

MAGIS Music Maker is geared especially those that start in this world of music editing, but in turn, want to get a high quality results. But this does not mean it is easy to master, since it is essential to have the domain of such programs to understand.

One of the advantages offered by MAGIX Music Maker is that it has a library with lots of samples and loops that we can use for our songs. Moreover, we can also mix videos, which opens the range to anyone who does not want to be limited only with the audio.

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