How to Create a Backup in Windows 7

Guide to making a backup on Windows 7

A backup of files allow us to create a system image. This esmuy useful to retrieve information in case of failure queWindows, damaged and inoperable.

To make a backup in Windows 7, first go to the control panel located inside the home button.
Once opened, we seek the Make a backup of the computer, located in the System group and security
Once inside, select configure backups. This will take a couple of minutes to complete. When finished, a window to indicate the destination of the backup is displayed. We continue with the Next button.
Next, we must decide whether we want Windows select the files to be or we will protect ourselves. In this case, select the folders and files.

Finally, use the button that says Save Settings and run backup. We will see that Windows starts performing the backup, create a system image that we can use in the future in case of failure. You will also be scheduled to update the copy is automatically on the date and time displayed.

For more details, watch the video below all the steps for backing up files in Windows 7.

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