ASUS will launch its own HoloLens

Microsoft will not be alone with their HoloLens but will share its commitment to augmented reality with other manufacturers. The first one might be the very ASUS sixth largest manufacturer of PC World.

This has been confirmed Jonney Shih, CEO of Asus, and Terry Myerson, executive vice president of devices at Microsoft, the US CNET.

For now, no version of HoloLens available on the market. Microsoft is expected to launch a version for software developers in early 2016 at a cost of about 3,000. This measure is designed to encourage developers to create applications for HoloLens of interest to consumers, since the exorbitant cost is a technology prevents mass.

That’s where ASUS comes, it would be responsible for manufacturing the company augmented reality devices more affordable and targeted, these yes, to end users. It is not clear what the final design of these glasses or how much of the technology used by Microsoft implemented the final teams ASUS marketed.

Even in the case of ASUS no confirmed dates for the arrival of their first augmented reality glasses stores. What is clear is that, as Microsoft demonstrated in several previous events, is that ASUS HoloLens come with augmented reality version of Minecraft, the popular recently acquired by the Redmond game.

Housing and space, first destinations of HoloLens

While ASUS will be more aimed at creating devices for the consumer, Microsoft has already announced that some of the first applications that will receive the HoloLens show the holographic images of buildings for easy viewing of the same engineers and sellers.

Furthermore, it is confirmed that NASA will test this wearable ‘at the International Space Station. In this curious scenario, HoloLens will assist astronauts can be more efficient in running their daily tasks as well as more precise instructions from the engineers on the ground who can see everything you are seeing the astronauts themselves.

HoloLens, the latest innovation from Microsoft

The HoloLens are transparent glasses, allowing lead who see what is about holograms and incorporate that reality.

Born as Microsoft’s answer to Facebook Oculus VR Glass or the famous search engine Google, the HoloLens allow playing games in impossible scenarios, have a conversation via Skype on the roof of our room or imagine modeling 3D objects around us.

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