How to restore the BIOS in Windows XP

When changes are made to the BIOS of your Windows XP, you have the option of saving the changes before exiting. If you do, you do not have to worry about losing the original configuration in case something goes wrong and bios those original values are stored permanently in the BIOS memory. To restore the BIOS on your computer with Windows XP to the original factory settings, just select the appropriate options.


1 Restart the computer with Windows XP and enter the BIOS. The keyboard key you have to press to enter the BIOS is displayed on the screen. If you can not find the key that appears on screen, you can also consult the numerous lists available online (see References). Look for the brand name of your computer to find the key you need to make.
2. Enter the Settings menu in the BIOS.
3. Locate the Restore option. The current wording of this option will change depending on your BIOS manufacturer. Some manufacturers call Restore, some call Reset, and others may call Restoring default settings. Although the wordage will be different, the idea behind the choice remains clear. Select this option and then select Yes to restore the BIOS.
4. Exit the BIOS and save the changes you just made use of the option in the BIOS menu of the same name. This will save you the fact that you have restored your Windows XP BIOS to factory settings. This will cause the computer to restart and boot back into Windows XP.

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