How to run older programs in Windows XP

Many programs were very useful for years and continue to be today, but some with the passage of time did not receive updates, and there may be conflicts when run on Windows XP. Before removing these applications believing it impossible to use, we can try a trick to make these programs run as if they were in other Windows oldest and thus work seamlessly.

We sought the executable file of the program (.
Exe) or the shortcut to the program in question, and then click on Properties.

The tabs above must click on the Compatibility and then check the box Run this program in compatibility mode.

Then we search the list an operating system on which the program runs smoothly.

If still does not work, we can try also changing display settings and resolution (we go to the desktop, right click, properties, configuration) or disable visual themes for Windows XP (desktop, right click, properties).

Then change these settings prove again run the program again. If we can not make it work, we can finally try to adjust compatibility settings by selecting another version of Windows.

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