How to have perfect skin with Photoshop

How to improve the appearance of skin with Photoshop

When we see on the covers of the models with perfect skin we figured we may never see each other well. That was before, when there was Photoshop. Now anyone can see the skin as are the famous publications.
Let’s see how.

Steps to improve the skin with Photoshop

First, we open the image. We will use as a model the following:

Duplicate the layer and go to Filter graphic design Blur graphic design Surface Blur (Filter graphic design Blur graphic design Surface Blur) (available in Photoshop CS4, check if it exists in other versions) For this photo we used the values shown in the image below. These vary with each photo, the same filter displays a preview as you change the values to go are watching the changes.
11 for the Radio and 14 for the threshold. To show us the changes must be checked at the box previewing.

As we see, already softened skin, but also the eyes, mouth, hair, etc. We do not want the image to be (as) unreal so let’s improve detail in eyes, eyebrows, mouth and hair.

For this we will create a mask on this layer. In the layers panel, down from around click on the icon that is a square with a circle inside. We are creating a white square next to the preview image in the layer. Thus:

Now, we click on the white square to select it. Using the brush tool and black color as the main paint above the eye to restore detail.

The eye above still has the blur applied. Once painted with black in the layer mask, the eye focus disappears and shows us the original eye (the layer below).

Why we paint with black? as the mask is white, white shows us everything that is in that layer. To paint it black you do is hide sections of the layer to which is applied the mask.

So we continue painting the eyes, eyebrows, lips and hair. We must not forget that other side to side is also seen. To that we must also make the same tweaks.

Now it only remains to take a bit of softness to the nose so it is not so blurred.

What we do is, with the same brush you’re using, lower the opacity to 50
Lines painted on the nose for a more natural effect:

In image 1 is still applied blur. In the number 2, and painted it black 50 in the mask. We use 50 because we do not want to leave the effect at all, if not decrease a bit.

Almost done but still have minimal imperfections in the face. To fix that we’ll use (Patch tool) patch tool
First click on the preview image layer. Then, using the patch tool, make a selection in part to improve. Eg granite that is between his eyes.

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