How to subscribe to a Podcast in Winamp

Winamp is one of the best and most popular media players. Among its many features is the ability to listen to podcasts and subscribe to them.

It has its own directory organized by categories, which we can explore and subscribe to receive updates and listen to the Podcast when they are published.

We can also subscribe to our Podcast favorites to listen to this player. So we must do the following:

Open the multimedia library, the options left looking Podcast Directory and click on the triangle to open more options. Subscriptions should appear we click there and a window will open with subscriptions have already made.

To add a new subscription, go to add under the Channels column. A new window where we can place the address of the RSS Feed Podcast to which we subscribe, and some other options open, as can be to select the frequency with which search for new Podcast Winamp, or the ability to automatically download.

Once signed, we can see the latest podcast in the right column, as well as information about them in the section below. In addition, you can visit the website of the podcast and even download to save it on the PC. Undoubtedly very useful options for all podcasters and assiduous listeners of a program.

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