Syncing Subtitles

How prevalent is our frustration to download a movie or documentary where we think is correct subtitles, but eventually found that are not synchronized or configured? .

Many times down a video with certain duration and results that have no subtitles, so the timing is not perfect and we can not enjoy the video. Here is a simple way to synchronize the subtitles to your favorite video.

Synchronize subtitles with Subtitles Workshop

We will need a very useful and free program called Subtitles Workshop.

First, it is clear that we must install the software to perform the synchronization procedure, the installation is quite simple and does not merit further explanation, once installed run the program.

And with an open program, we’ll go to File menu, and then select the option upload reproductores-multimedia Later we do the same with video, for that matter to the Open menu and select Load Video option.

The first thing we will do is make the necessary adjustments for synchronization via FPS (frame per second or frames per second) is the correct one. This option will determine how many frames have a second of video, so if subtitles are without proper synchronization, it is very likely that the variation in the amounts vary, making video frames do not go hand in hand with the subtitles.

On the left side you will see a list of utilities, to start we focus on the Weather section.

Those who are accustomed to notice that video editing is fairly straightforward, but also for those who will find it very intuitive to use program.

Basically, what we must do is adjust parameters by matching time.

To do this, we determine a value for Input FPS and Output FPS, making the software rebuild a new video with the correct FPS with synchronized subtitles, which can be embedded or not in the picture.

Once we have done this, we need only go to the File menu and select the Save option.

Before finishing the work we must ensure an important point, which will determine which is the first spoken line. For that, we go to the video and note the time the first line should begin subtitles. We store this data and then we go to the end of the video, for taking the time to the last line spoken.

Later, we will reproductores-multimedia reproductores-multimedia reproductores-multimedia Set subtitles and place the data start and end. This will be the anchor point to begin and end the subtitles synchronized with the video.

Ok, now we can enjoy that movie with perfectly synchronized subtitles.

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