Programs to download videos from YouTube

The best programs to download videos from YouTube

If you often use the popular video site YouTube, more than once you’ve wanted to download some of the videos to have them in your collection. This is very easy if a download manager for YouTube is used.

This time, let’s talk about programs to download videos from YouTube more useful than we found and, of course, the choice we have made it among the best free programs and Spanish language.

VDownloader, download YouTube videos and the like DailyMotion

Besides looking for videos YouTuble, VDownloader will help us to find videos on other platforms like DailyMotion and the like.

This soft allows you to not only look but also see them and even download the videos to your PC in the most common formats, as well as other less widespread as Ipod. Therefore, we will not see any limits when it comes to play the video with any program we have.

One advantage of such a transmission on the competition is the ability to search for videos on multiple pages at a time, catering to the needs and availability in each.

On the other hand, VDownloader also has a DVD recorder that will give us the ability to record your downloads in flexible format.
aTube Catcher download videos
As VDownloader, aTube Catcher allows you to download our favorite videos of a large number of platforms, such as YouTube, DailyMotion, Stage6, etc. , Making a large number of formats to choose from so that we can play in almost any video player you have installed.

In addition to convert our favorite videos, we can also make downloads with just a few clicks, and the only thing we ask is to copy the download link and choose the format you want to download. You can also select other areas, such as resolution and video quality, from a variety of aspects.

As VDownloader, aTube Catcher has a DVD recorder to spend our downloads directly to a floppy disk.

YouTube Downloader HD, the simplest tool

YouTube Downloader HD allow us to download our favorite videos in high definition format (HD 720p or 1080p)
Of the three tools it is the easiest, because it has a simple and intuitive interface, along with fewer options. But surely, the results are outstanding discharge, and we get the file in AVI, MP4 or IPOD formats.

On the other hand, only allow us to download videos from the popular YouTube site, so it is a bit limited in this respect and against VDownloader aTube Catcher.

From here, we assure you that any of the three programs you choose will not have problems when it comes to download videos from YouTube, so choose the one you want or try all and then decide on the one that convince you.

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