Tim Cook (Apple): aplicaciones automotive industry is on the brink of massive aplicaciones

The intervention of Tim Cook at the conference WSJDLive has brought tail, as virtually all of Apple’s CEO. In addition to offering new usage statistics Apple music streaming service Music, which, in its view, demonstrate their good course, Cook has referred to it could be another big shot of the company, its first car.

In fact, Cook has spoken rather the future of the automotive industry, but with rumors of the electric car that Apple supposedly working background, speculation is inevitable.
Recode reports that Apple CEO said during his speech at the conference organized by The Wall Street Journal, that the automotive industry is on the brink of massive change.

I think the industry is at a turning point. It seems that there will be a massive change in him. Maybe it is who disagree with me, but what I think he said.

Cook spoke of bodies, the software in the connected car, autonomous vehicles and the fuel likely transition to electric motors. However, it was launched to decide on the role that the company could come to have addressed in this evolution. He would not respond to you directly asked. He explained that Apple is focused for now on the iPhone experience to bring cars with carplay, its software for vehicles. We’ll see what happens in the future, he simply said.

The newspaper itself was responsible for organizing the conference has been one of the media over recent months has published several reports that Apple is working on his own project vehicle for a date, according to estimates, could be 2019. Titan ‘that is, say, the project name to Internal- level not meant to be, however, an autonomous or unmanned car, but (so far) an electric vehicle, a niche market in which the Cupertino They seem confident enough. Other rumors say that it is a van instead of a car. In any case, it is not clear if 2019 will be the year of landing on the market or the start of large-scale production, and if Apple’s goal is to market the vehicle or use it to develop other devices such as software or batteries.

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