IBM will enable the Chinese government to review the source code of their programs

Big Blue will get cross the Wall, and not all speak metaphorically. And it is that IBM has overcome the endless red tape that the Chinese government has recently imposed to the installation of foreign technology companies on its territory, and has done so with very severe conditions.

The first and perhaps most surprising is that IBM will have to authorize the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to analyze the source code some of its products.
The move, announced by the Wall Street Journal and not yet confirmed by the company, means that the US company accepted that government investigators reviewed data from your software in a safe room, in order to ensure that pose no problem security for China.

This requirement is new for IBM and for most of Western technology companies with operations in China. It is unclear which products are specifically examiners want to analyze, although the newspaper explains that researchers have access to the source code only for a short period of time, not enough to audit their security detail.

That is why we have suddenly emerged voices that claim that this measure does not go as intended to protect the Chinese computer systems but rather a copy of the source code so that software vendors can benefit this country (economic) it.

Google is also approaching positions with Beijing

If IBM is the sole say for the moment and is not yet confirmed neither by the Chinese authorities nor by the company. However, this could be the first step towards a more intense (and open) collaboration between the Beijing government and the world’s major ICT companies, most based in Europe or the United States.

In that sense, many US media rumored with increasing intensity that Google is making serious efforts to return to China after their sound out of it a few years ago. Recall that since 2010, Google and the Chinese government live in a constant struggle for control of the network in the Asian giant: the search does under the banner of globalization and freedom, while his power China avails control the content circulating in the country and protect, thereby, its citizens from harmful information for themselves and their country.

The seeker himself had removed a few years ago and its Chinese version, redirecting users who managed to jump the barriers of the Chinese dictatorship to his edition of Hong Kong that operates with a high rate of independence despite now form part of the yellow colossus. We’ll see if Google follows in the footsteps of IBM and returns, with conditions, to China.

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