Creating HDR

How to create HDR images easily

If you like the world of the photograph, sure that sooner or later you’ll meet some of the images called HDR: ies spectacular photography that seems to come alive thanks to special effects. The truth is that however seem astonishing that these images behind important work normally carry digital retouching.

In this note we will teach you how to create a basic level HDR images with a program that is free also simple: Fusion.

Fusion, Free software for creating HDR images

To download Fusion you can go to their website, you’ll notice that it is a small and friendly Windows that at a time and have installed file. Once opened, the interface is quite simple and begins by choosing the same image from different degrees of exposure, you must have previously made with your camera (tripod essential for it). Thus, Fusion brings together the various selected outlets and alienates if they are not (with the Images allign function) and then merge them in order to create the desired HDR effect.

Before continuing with this little tutorial, you should consult the basic instructions from their own website.

Creating HDR images with Fusion

Once the photos correctly aligned (three or four is enough), the program guides us to the function to modify the tone of the selected image. Fusion allows you to modify levels of radio range and halo, while leveling is the brightest and darkest points in the image: in this way yourself you choose what you want to highlight.

It is also possible to provide the image with light effects, everything is a matter of keep trying and practicing for combinations of effects and more suggestive contrasts and thus get a picture ed HDR shocking.

And all the settings chosen, be summed Fusion takes, or what is the same, considering merging including guidelines and marked effects in the previous step. Thus, no longer you have an even shocking final HDR image but: You can still make some adjustments via the option graphic design saturation and brightness of the picture are ed two of the many ways to modify.

In short, Fusion is a good choice for creating HDR images with few steps, and although it is true that performance is not comparable to more complex programs like Photoshop, provides more than acceptable results if we do not go looking for something professional.

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