How to free up RAM

Why is it important to release the RAM

The computer usually be heavier when using programs that require lots of memory. This occurs because not all shut memory space is released and remains of information therein. If we clean the trash and delete files you no longer use, we will have more space available in the memory and therefore more speed in the use of our PC.

While there are hundreds of online programs that are responsible for maintaining the free memory according to usage is needed, this task can do it yourself using a script, and thus prevent the installation of software which are often unreliable.

Program to free up RAM computer

For that we open the notebook and depending on the memory of our PC write the following values:

For computers with less than 128MB of RAM, type: mystring = (16000000).
For computers with 128 Mb of RAM or more write: mystring = (80000000).
Then, we must save this file with any name, anywhere, preferably in the desktop for faster access to it. Once saved, go to the file and rename it (by pressing F2) and change its extension. Vbe. The file would for example like this: limpiarmemoria. vbe.
Each time you run this script will force you to download the contents of memory, so recharge at all of the active information and discard the useless information. Consequently, it will be like starting from 0.

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