Software Keyboard Controller Adapter

If you like playing computer games or using the basic functions of the computer, such as surfing the Internet, from the comfort of a sofa or with his feet on his desk, it is not necessary to accelerate hard earned money on wireless technology Luxury. There are several free programs that allow you to configure adapters using the buttons on the keyboard and mouse to any joystick or game pad controller that is compatible with your computer.


Xpadder is a small, simple and free for Windows that allows you to set up your keyboard and mouse buttons for any joystick that is compatible with your computer.
This program allows you to use your game pad controller programs or games that do not support game controllers. Xpadder allows a high level of customization so you can plot your exact specifications controller, playing style and needs. It also lets you save each specific key to a driver map you created, so you do not have to create a new profile each time. In addition, Xpadder offers an interesting aesthetic design both functional and easy to use once. Xpadder is a great program for users looking customizable functionality.


JoyToKey is a free program that is very similar to Xpadder, allowing you to assign your keyboard and mouse buttons to your controller joystick or game pad. Where Xpadder offers a more complex and aesthetically pleasing interface, JoyToKey focuses more on simplicity, without compromising the quality of results. This program is especially good for users looking for an easy to use program that does the job quickly and efficiently.


ControllerMate is the only program that lets you assign your keyboard and mouse buttons for your joystick or game controller pad for Macs Unfortunately, ControllerMate is not a free country. adaptador molex However, costing as little as 15, who hardly put a dent in your wallet. And since you’re paying for this product, you can expect exceptional production value. ControllerMate offers elegant aesthetic design of Apple is known, and is easy to use.

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