How to install applications on Android

Guide to install applications on Android

Android is an operating system widely used in smartphones, tablets and the like, and much of its popularity is due to the possibility of installing the most varied applications. Therefore, if you want to maximize your electronic device, learn how to install them is the first step.

The procedure is very simple.
First, we must go to the official Google store where all the Apps, call playstore. Once there, go to the search engine located at the top left, and seek the application you want to install. When we found her, we click on it. Will see a button that says Install. Then, a screen will open with the details and the system prompts you to confirm. Once installed, a shortcut icon on the desktop is created, we can open it from there.

In case you want to uninstall an application on Android, we also go to playstore, seek App, but instead of clicking the install button find one that says Uninstall. There is also another procedure to remove applications, and we explain in the video below, along with the steps outlined here.

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