SATA adaptador molex IDE to USB 2.0 adapter revisadoDragonSteelMods

An interesting piece of hardware was examined in DragonSteelMods. It is an adapter that can take a hard drive, either 2.5 , 3.
5 or SATA or even an optical drive and turn it into a USB device.

In addition to the ability to connect any interface to a USB port, another very attractive feature of this universal adapter is price: 33,99 (about 25).

Installation is easy, requiring only three simple steps: Connect the adapter to your hard drive, connect the power connector and then the USB connector to your computer.

The main drawback of this adapter is speed, but this is not a surprise because the USB port is not the fastest connection available. In the test of the reviewer, the average reading speed is around 32 MB adaptador molex s, another brand of hard drive will have a little bit different, but it should be minimal.

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