How to install 3D effects of Windows Vista on XP

Aero 3D, visual interface of Windows Vista, the effect is probably greater aesthetic advancement of this version of Windows. But if your questions to migrate to the new operating system Microsoft goes simply by the look, definitely you stay with XP if you count that you can have such effects without switching to Vista.

There is a program that mimics these effects on XP.
One is the Shock Aero 3D, which emulates effects such as scroll through open applications on your desktop, displaying all windows in one hearing, etc. This program also works on Windows 2000.

Topdesk is another alternative that works the same way: emulates the colorful 3D effects to switch windows and other tasks.

Finally, another utility WinFlip is to recreate the effect of placing the windows view in three dimensions. For use only you need to install it and then press Alt windows vista xp Tab to move from one window to another with this nice 3D effect.

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