How to upgrade or install WinRAR

How to install WinRAR step

You must first download the latest version of WinRAR from the official download page. Select the language of your liking.

When the file download starts select the Run option if the browser permits, rather than Save.

Once the download is complete the installation process will begin. If the browser asks again if you want to run the program select Run.

Install WinRAR

If you can only save the setup, carefully select a folder to download it there and forget it.

Once the download of WinRAR has to go to the directory where you saved it and run the installation program by double clicking on the file.

Once all the installation can remove this program you downloaded.

During the installation process you will be asked for various program options, the default settings are the most recommended in most cases, do not change unless you know exactly what they are.

Update WinRAR

WinRAR to update and replace the version you have installed by another does not need to first uninstall the previous version, you can use the same procedure for installation, even if you have previously activated your license.

If an error because you can not create or replace a file, such as rarext occurs during the update process. dll, this is because the file is still in use.

Troubleshooting when installing WinRAR

To resolve this issue make sure that there are no instances of WinRAR open. If the problem persists it is because the file is being used by another program. Close all running programs and try again, if necessary restart Windows and start the update just open session.

During running the installer in an upgrade process you should not use the right mouse button to anything until you finish installing WinRAR. If you use the right mouse button on the desktop or in Windows Explorer then it is very likely to start using Windows component processing WinRAR context menus (rarext. Dll) and do not allow him sobreeescribirlo during the installation process.

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