The drones can help blind people to exercise

Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle with greater virulence attack people affected by some sort of sensory disability. In the United States it is estimated that one in two adults in this group are obese, a proportion than in the rest of the population decreases the rate also worrying one in three. A researcher at the University of Nevada called Eelke Folmer, has decided to work to improve the quality of life of blind people with a project that wants to facilitate practice exercise with the help of drones.

As stated in an article published in Technology Review, while other institutions such as NASA are working to reduce the noise they make when flying drones, he wants to use him as a guide to those who decide blind jogging.

To this end, it has built a prototype of unpiloted aircraft that guides blind runners by a signal, so that they can go jogging without the need for a guide to accompany them the same speed. The drone has two cameras, one that focuses on following the corridor through a sign on his shirt, and another that follows the path that he must go with his career. At the same time, guide the runner through the drone sound emitted while still about ten feet (about three meters). If the broker or ralentizase accelerate its speed, the drone adjust yours to suit your pace.

Still, Folmer acknowledges that it has not yet been able to test the prototype as you like, as the facilities at the University of Nevada, where he works, are very close to the Reno airport, and are, for that reason, subject to a special regulation that prevents airspace flying drones.

Most research projects working for accessibility for blind people focus on things like screen readers and web browsers. But this community still do not have access to health, socialization and quality of life, which would help us to investigate how to solve, said Folmer.

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