How to download videos from Youtube

Download videos from Youtube

Broadband and the new system applying these sites make post and view personal videos or any network is more than simple, and has become the boom time.

While it may be a good quality being online, the problem arises when we download videos to our PC to view them later or to collect them. As these videos are in FLV (Flash) can only be displayed on the sites format.
But not to worry that eventually everything has a solution and thanks to a simple little programs rather than downloading videos can be completed with a few clicks.

Programs to download videos from Youtube

Some of the programs that lets you download videos from Youtube and Google Video is the Vdownloader. (Download) How does it work? Quite simply, when you open the program a field where the video link is placed is shown and then the format in which save (avi or mpg) is selected
Another tool to download videos from youtube and works similarly is YouTube Downloader. (Download)
But if you have the Firefox browser to download videos from Youtube, Google Video or any other similar site is much easier, because there is an extension for this browser called Videodownloader (download) that adds a small icon in the status bar at the bottom browser, and a button on the navigation toolbar. Clicking on the icon or button, from the page where the video viewing, it will download automatically.

Finally, another option is also very useful to download videos is VideoRonk. It is a website to look at various services (Youtube, Metacafe, Google Video, Daily Motion etc. ) with the advantage that allows downloading later.

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