Connecting a PC fans Series

There are plenty of reasons for wanting to have multiple fans on your computer: a well-cooled equipment is less likely to be damaged in use and will last much longer. Connecting the PC fans in a series can be clean and easy if you have the right adapters and plans to leave early. Many fans have a Molex adapter integrated duplex for power connection, and those who may not have an aggregate.
The adapters make it a breeze for fans of the chain.

Molex Adapters

Computer fans tend to use three-pin Molex connection or while functions of the computer power supply either all or a mixture Molex connections connections Molex and SATA cable. Three-pin connections can be connected to a Molex adapter for all the fans who use the same standard. The Molex connection can present both a male side and a female side that can be used to daisy-chain as many fans as needed for a single Molex-off the power supply connection. While there is enough cable to connect power connections fans can string together a series to them throughout the team and still has enough power.

In a line

The drawback chaining a series fans is that you can end up with lots of wires running through your computer. Extra wire creates disorder and obstructs the flow of air, which is contrary to the purpose of adding the fan. You can try installing all the fans in the computer and align the connections to create a semicircle power line through the length of the computer from the power supply and connection to each fan in the way. Start with a female end of the power supply to a male of the first fan, then a female fan end to the male end to the next fan and so on.

The second series

Some computer cases have additional points for fans on top of the box or on both sides. Due to the arrangement, it may not be possible to complete all the fans in a single series, wrapping around the side of the computer. In these cases you can establish a second set of fans.

Power Problems

Power source computer must have enough power to several fans through the case. However, you can ensure that the fans are not optimally fed by chaining together computer graphics card or any of the units. In addition, Molex adapters may drop below the four-pin configuration for the installation of three pins, making the end of the chain incompatible with other system components.

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