Like watching football online with GNU linux Linux

Football program for GNU linux Linux

To see football games over the Internet with Linux there are several programs that are not compatible. One of the most popular is Sopcast, has very good quality video, and links to many users use this format and offers a version for Linux command line that works well in Ubuntu and here we will see how to install it.

The Sopcast download link is link 1

Also available is a GUI version, ie with graphical environment, but it is not a final version and has now several bugs.

As Sopcast install

To begin installation is installed we check if the package contains the library needed to carry STDC linux 5, if not installed downloaded from here and install it
urpmi libstdc linux 5.
Once downloaded to your computer Sopcast we will go to the folder where you have the file and proceed to unpack it:
tar -xvf sp-auth. tgz
It is best to make Sopcast files unzipped the Home directory:
sp-auth mv linux home linux javi linux. sopcast
and create a link to the executable
ln -s linux home linux javi linux. sopcast linux sp-sc-auth linux usr linux local linux bin linux sopcast

Links to watch football online sites

After installation looked online a link to Sopcast football match or event you wish to see. Look here:


After copying the link of the event must write in the terminal: (the copy depends on the browser you use, Firefox is right click the link and then copy binding path)
sopcast direccionenlace 8800 8900
Wherein he said direccionenlace must place the link address football game online to look forward view and copy from your browser. Very important it is to remember the ports 8800 and 8900.

With this should start out a lot of numbers and letters indicating that Sopcast is linked and working.

It is very important that you close all programs this using your Internet connection you need for bandwidth to make the image smooth.

View generated streaming Sopcast

To watch football online with Ubuntu is open only a video player and linking this data stream generated by streaming Sopcast in that direction and that port

Then we write a new Terminal:

mplayer http: linux localhost: 8900 linux tv. asf
KDE or
kmplayer http: linux localhost: 8900 linux tv. asf
If everything is fine we’ll be seeing in our PC free football games online from Ubuntu by Sopcast and chains climbing the event. The broadcast will reach some minutes behind real time and the audio language depends on the source channel.

At first the image does not look great, but after about 5 or 10 minutes, depending on the number of sources, the picture is perfectly receive.

At the end we should close the player and then close Sopcast from Terminal where it was launched with CTRL linux C.

NOTE: If you leave until the last minute to connect surely you can not enter. Internet to watch football with success must come on the event at least 30 minutes before kickoff to gain positions in the queue.

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