Getting data off an old hard drive (without putting it on a PC)

USB adapter Sabrent SATA adaptador molex IDE

What we want is an adapter adaptador molex converter cable that lets you mount the hard drives as re just plug a portable hard drive or a flash drive into the computer. Historically these adapters were pretty flaky, but improvements in Windows and the hardware itself has given reliable functionality at very reasonable prices. The model we use in the office is the Sabrent USB 3.
0 to SATA adaptador molex IDE adapter. Ita s reliable, fast and comfortably molex comes with its own transformer so you can power the units. Here it is where most of the adapters that you find on eBay, Amazon, etc. all fall short: they provide a cable, but is re expected to provide power through an old power supply or the like. The model Sabrent packaged adapter and power supply together so’re not left trying to figure out how to turn the units (and hoping that you have an old PSU hiding with all those old records).

Hardware purchase is the hardest part. Once you have the hardware, all you have to do is use the right side of the adapter (which has a side IDE 3.5, 2.5 IDE and SATA), make sure that the drive jumpers are set to Master (if unit It is old enough to use a bypass system, SATA drives rarely use modern bridges), connect the adapter to a USB port, connect the power through Molex adapter unit, and turn the switch on the power cable to provide power to the unit. Here it s what a car looks properly connected to an IDE drive:

Once the apparatus and the drive spins up, which should appear in Windows as a removable drive in the same way turns a new off-the-shelf external hard drive would, no software or drivers required. Here s the unit detects right next to a real external drive:

Here sa look inside the unit, and the unit of old Windows desktop, where you can see all the old folders and such are easily accessible:

When you open folders, especially folders on old hard drives with Windows pre-installed, you may encounter a message like this:

You’ll see this error prompt adaptador molex when you try to open a file adaptador molex folder permissions that were assigned to it by the previous operating system files, but for which there are currently no valid permits. You should only click once for most situations (such as opening a user directory account Windows old). If permits simple prompt seen above does not work (or you don t even get to apply the symbol permission, but an access error instead), check out our primer on Windows file permissions for learn how to manually edit the permissions and get to your files.

If the drive does not appear, and is seen both power cables and data properly connected, there s usually only three culprits: 1) ita s greater unity and we must properly configure bridges, 2) file system DRIVEA s can not be read by your operating, or 3 system) unit is damaged. Remember, what you’re doing is the unit with the power adapter cable adaptador molex data is essentially riding it like you would an internal drive (but without the hassle of cracking open the case). If your computer can t read the unit in such circumstances (as the unit has an unsupported file system or is physically degraded adaptador molex damaged), then won t be able to read during USB configuration either.

Apart from that, however, ita s as simple as plug and play. For 20 you have a hassle-free way to check your drives, recover old data, compare backups, delete data, and otherwise interact with the drives as They’re mounted right on the computer case.

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