YouTube videos will have a catalog of payment

Gradually, the YouTube payment looming takes shape. One way sometimes surprising, details like that now publishes specialized web Recode, which ensures that the video site owned by Google will soon offer a catalog of videos that will only be possible to see payment.

And we say that this was not surprising because the idea had formed many of the future premium version of the service, as outlined, until then, just as a version of YouTube we all know but without ads.
In fact, the team portal negotiations with leading content creators who earn more revenue from the ads on the platform- to be atuviesen to new conditions was the idea that YouTube plans to offer exactly the same in both options their service.

The Minister Delegate own YouTube, Susan Wojnicki, would have referred since coming to chair the matter CEO in 2014 comparing a model such as paid subscriptions without publicity withthe aplicacionesfreemiumdisponibles offer today for lossmartphones.

According Wojcicki, the existence of two services, one funded by advertisements and other payment but without advertising, offer users greater ability YouTube decision regarding the service they want disfrutary would also, in his view, improve the experience of those who access the portal through mobile devices.

But new rumors preceding an event Wednesday in which online video portal will reveal details of the next release (which even the exact date is unknown), indicate that YouTube wants to offer an assortment of exclusive videos for those who are subscribe to the paid version. Something that block with the criticisms that had been raised Wojcicki plans, arguing that removing advertising would not be enough to entice users to be abonasen service. They needed something more. And it looks like it’s here.

In fact, it has long been known that YouTube is investing in the creation of specific content for its platform, which probably will be the same as those offered in this new service exclusive programming to subscribers. The video portal decided to abandon that path undertaken with so little success in 2011, by which would encourage big stars of music and movies to go up your videos to YouTube, and venture through which more joys is giving the the youtubers: celebrities born within it, which is now supporting financially to continue creating content.

The exact date of the launch of the new service is unknown. Some people say we’ll be a while accessing it before the end of the year. And others do not see it feasible to 2016. This is expected to be one of the unknowns to be revealed on Wednesday, shortly after it has been known that the company also prepares YouTube Gaming, a channel subscription to video games.

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