The guy who bought Google (for a few minutes)

It is a fantasy that will have passed through the minds of many: owning or owner, for one day, one of the leading and promising companies in the world, the search giant Google and technology. And the young Sanmay Ved student in Massachusetts made it a reality for a few minutes. And without possessing, as he himself says, just technical knowledge.

As he recounts in a publication entitled How Google ended up buying. com in your profile on the social professional network LinkedIn, last September 29 was exploring, like so many other times has made the company’s products beta, the new service registration and purchase of domains Google.

And so, to try, was how introduced, for example, the domain google. com service. It then informed him that neither google. net or google. org or google. google and co. us were available. But that, against all odds, google. com yes it was. This was stated a green smiling emoticon. Incredulous, Ved pressed to continue buying the strangest life. He added to your shopping orders, paid 12 for registration and received in the mail an email confirming the purchase. Even more astonished, he checked in your control panel that had access to administrator capabilities on the domain, whose nature has not wanted to reveal.

It was only a minute. When was still pinching of wonder, Ved received a new Google email, notifying this time your purchase had been canceled and that the amount thereof was not charged him. He found, then, that the 12 had been reimbursed to your bank account. Someone at Google was aware of the madness that had aplicaciones Still, Ved would immediately inform the safety equipment of the company. Ved last week received a reward from the giant, whose amount was not disclosed either by the student or by the company, although the former has reported that all donated to humanitarian causes.

In 2014 Google announced it was preparing a service domains, Google Domains, which offer users the ability to search, find, buy and transfer domains for their businesses, in the usual extensions available. com, . biz and. org, and more than 1,500 inthe began operating in 2014.

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