How to download and install MP3Gain

MP3Gain install on our computer

MP3Gain an excellent program that analyzes and normalizes the MP3 you want the same volume without loss of sound quality.

Download MP3Gain

If we can well be found in several sites of nothing better than going to the website of the authors of MP3Gain shock, although this in English, the download is simple.

As we have several options for downloading MP3Gain, but we must choose the one that is under the title-Windows MP3Gain (Stable) and the text This is what MOST people will want to download.
(This is what most people want to download). Once downloaded proceed to install MP3Gain.

Install MP3Gain

Run the installer you downloaded.

In the home screen installer pressed NEXT

On the second screen we click on the plus sign (download and install MP3Gain) next to language files and search the list that appears SPANISH box, we check to install the MP3Gain in Spanish. NEXT pressed.

Select the folder where you want to install MP3Gain (if you want you can leave it in default). INSTALL pressed on and wait for the screen with the boto FINISH appears, we push to complete and exit the installation.

To start using MP3Gain see our document As normalize the volume of MP3 files.

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