How to install Windows Vista

There is a difference between the installation of Windows Vista and Windows XP. These differences are noticeable when formatting your hard drive and when you follow the steps of the corresponding installation.

So we’ve created this simple and easy guide to understand how to install Windows Vista in 10 simple steps.

Consider that the following guidelines only informed how to install the Windows Vista DVD not specify different ways to enter the Setup because each has different specifications Motherboard only find in the manuals of these.

Requirements to install Windows Vista:

Before starting with our guide, we must take into account the minimum requirements to install Windows Vista on our computer and this function properly:

Processor: AMD Athlon 300 install Windows Vista or Intel Pentium 4 2.0 GHz. Memory: 1 GB of RAM Hard Drive: 10 GB of free space DVD video plate not less than 128 MB Mouse and Keyboard The 10 steps to install Windows Vista:
1. We will insert the Windows Vista DVD in our Reader.
2. The display will ask us we press any key on the keyboard, we press the enter (example, can be any).
3. We will open a display in which we asked that we enter Language, Country, Currency and Time.
4. We entered the language.
5. We enter the country where we are located.
6. We enter the currency used in Spain.
7. We enter the appropriate time.
8. After the presentation, we will display product activation We enter the serial and automatically take us to the other screen.
9. The next screen will tell us where we want to install our Windows Vista, select the hard disk C:.
10. Once selected the hard disk, the same system will format and install it automatically.

The good new is that Windows Vista requires minimal care when installation since only have to choose one thing and it will install by itself.

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