Formatting a drive or disk

Fear of losing formatting a disk

Formatting the drive is very simple, and although can cause some fear in inexperienced people, if done conscientiously does not involve any risk. You just have to pay attention that we will not miss important format for data.
When format can present two cases, the drive or reformat the operation, or it is a secondary drive or a data disk system is installed.

Formatting a drive with data

For the second case format is simple. We can do it from the Windows interface. Let My Computer, click the right button on the drive or disk, and then finally Log Format.
We should note that during this operation all data on that disk or drive is lost, so important files if we make a copy beforehand.

Format the drive with the operating system (boot drive)

In case we need to format the drive where Windows is installed, the process is more cumbersome but not so complicated. Keep in mind that this means having to reinstall the operating system and all files, including Windows be deleted.

We have on hand a boot disk. More information in our article How to Create a Startup Disk in Windows XP.
Put the boot disk in the floppy drive, and reboot the PC to the command prompt or DOS starts. The following must occur:

A: windows
Then, type: A: windows format C: (where C equals the drive will be formatted).
Once formatted, proceed to the installation of the operating system by placing the installation CD and follow the instructions on the screen.

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