Best Download Manager

File download managers

If you often perform direct downloads from servers, it is best done with a good manager of direct downloads, and if they are in Spanish and are free, much better.

These programs work in a very simple way. Introduces all the links you want to download and they will be downloaded automatically, without us having to go to manage them.
They themselves are responsible for managing the time between shots if we are not Premium users.

If you have a Premium account manager download a file, you can set the program to perform multiple downloads at once on the same server.

In this note we will talk about two of the managers of downloading files most popular and recommended.

JDownloader, the most famous download manager

Par excellence, JDownloader is a download manager best known and appreciated by the users files. It has a wide range of options and tools that allow us to manage our downloads best, even putting a lot.

We can choose between us with installable software or portable, in case you do not want to install or the record of your downloads on the computer.

To meet the safety, use a captcha recognition system to prevent massive shock, ensuring high fluidity when making our downloads.

Moreover, we have only copy the link address that we proceed to download. At the time, it is automatically added to the list of downloads JDownloader, so we will not have to paste.

Once the files added or proceed to analyze them to tell us if it is available for download or no longer exists, so we always check that all the links selected are in good use.

In addition, you can select the priority of each file, so if we have a very extensive list of downloads, we can establish which files download more urgent.

RDesc, simpler downloading files

RDesc is one of the most popular download managers and best rated by users. Your environment is simpler than that of JDownloader, takes up less disk space, but also has a smaller amount of configuration and management tools.

However, this is certainly a fantastic tool and we provide everything we need though, except a help button. However, the most common problems can be solved by Internet, since being one of the most widely used, many users who have been solving their problems and shaping solutions on the network.

Like JDownloader, RDesc has a capture system links, so just select the page and click Copy on the shortcut menu, automatically link to the waiting list of downloads will be passed. On the other hand, it also has a system to check availability of the file you are going to download.

As we can see, both managers have all the necessary tools to perform downloads. Of course, JDownloader is more complete than RDesc, but certainly both meet the expectations of any user.

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