Change the colors of prompt or MS-DOS

Change the colors of the Windows command console

Note: Remember that before making any changes, it is recommended

make a copy of the log or branch that is to be modified if
We change something that can destabilize the system.

For that,

we go to MS-DOS Run, type regedit. exe and then accept.

Once the program is MS-DOS click on the Registry menu and give
export log file, placing a file name.


restore just double click on the file you have
export, or import it from the regedit.

Edit the Windows registry

To change the key of the MS-DOS windows will:

We’ll go first to Start – Run and then write regedit

Press enter and Windows registry editor appears.

In this program we find the following key: HKeyCurrentUser, Software, Microsoft, Command Processor through the lateral pull-down menu.

In the right pane we see a series of keys. We look DefaultColor and by double clicking the edit window.

Then, we make sure that this marking selector Hexadecimal, and once checked this will change the value for a number of two hexadecimal digits.

In the values of this paragraph, the first digit is the background color and the second color of the letter.

After selecting the colors, will press OK. To prove we can open a Command Prompt window from Start, All Programs, Acessorios, Command Prompt.

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