Removing the Hiberfil.sys file

Hiberfil for file serving. sys

The Hiberfil file. sys is the file using Windwos XP to protect data necessary to enter hibernation.
This process allows us to save energy by putting your computer into hibernation, but is not widely used, especially the desktop. During Hibernation Windows XP takes s data in memory and writes it to the Hiberfil file. sys, therefore the Hiberfil file. sys has the same size or slightly greater than the amount of RAM you have in our computer.

Finding and eliminating Hiberfil file. sys

The Hiberfil file. sys can not be removed like any file, but if you do not use the Hibernate team or need that free space on your disk can eliminate disabling hibernation.

To delete the file Hiberfil. sys perform the following steps:

1. Let’s Removing the Hiberfil.sys file Control Panel.
2. On the control panel we enter Power Options.
3. In the (tab) deschequeamos Hibernate tab and press the Enable hibernation box on Apply.
The Hiberfil file. sys will be removed immediately. If you not removed try restarting the computer.

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