How to end a process in Windows XP

When is necessary to abruptly terminate a process?

Surely ever happened to you using Windows XP, you ejecutabas a program and then nothing happened. Well this is because the process was discontinued and because of a conflict with other software failed to start, but is in the process queue causing a bottleneck, where time and again open the same form software, which does not start but uses computer resources.

As terminate a process from the console windows

What we must do is to end this process, which is spending valuable resources but not executed.

For that we must enter the Windows console or command prompt. The easiest way is through the run and then we enter cmd command without quotation marks, and press Windows XP to enter the Run menu. You can also click on Start and then on the Run menu or by the key combination Windows Windows XP R.

If we know in the name of the process to finish it is much easier to kill it. For example, suppose that this is the notebook, the process name is notepad. exe. In that case we will write:

Taskkill Windows XP IM notepad. exe

This will be completed with the process in an orthodox way, a dialog box which will ask us if we want to actually save the changes or not to save any changes, appears. Something similar to the function End Task Manager application.

Complete the process violently

But if we want to end the process without violently save the changes, simply add Windows XP F after the name, instantly kill the process, similar to the function End Process in Task Manager.

Using filters, we can improve the performance of this option. For example, certain parameters we can choose to kill the processes of a particular user. This is quite useful if you are computer administrators are in charge or a LAN, where we can see the desktop or control the desktop of the other nodes, surely we will save time by being able to terminate a process remotely with this method.

End user processes

If we want to kill all processes of a particular user, the command would be:

Taskkill Windows XP F Windows XP Fi Username.

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