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How to associate a program to a file type

The different file types and extensions may be associated with a particular program so that every time we run the default soft open it directly without major upheavals. But what happens when a file is not associated with any program? What happens when we change the associated program and use another?

How to associate files to a particular program in Windows XP

These settings can be changed in Windows Explorer by clicking on the Tools set associations Folder Options menu.

A window where we have to go to the File Types tab opens.

It lists all formats or extensions of known file will be displayed. We must find the one we want to change and select it. Below, details of this extension will show and tell and it opens with the program name. To change it, you must click Change and select from the list the new program we want to associate with that file extension. If not on the initial list, we can look from Browse.

How to associate files to a particular program in Windows 7

In Windows 7 the task to associate files to a particular program is faster. To do this, we must open Windows Explorer and look directly associate the file you want. We click the right mouse button on it, and then click Properties.

In the window that opens we will see a section that says the file type in question and opens with. Next we find the change set associations pressing, another window will open with the list of programs to associate the file. Windows will give us some as suggestions, but in case you do not find the one we want, we click where it says Other programs to expand the options. Once chosen we accept and go.

It should be noted that most current programs within their options brings the ability to associate supported file types, but in case you are unable to use can turn to the previous steps.

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