As open programs faster in Windows XP

Sometimes time is money. When working with the computer’s speed of access to programs and breaks our patience as it Murphy’s law, the more we hurry it makes processes slower, as if to mock us in the face.

Quiet and not take reprisals against your PC or anything hitting it is style or at least before you do and download your anger tries the next trick

Optimize RAM to open programs faster

We know the amount of RAM available on our computer is an important time to work and access multiple programs at once factor, but it turns out that we have more memory intensive Windows XP uses the kernel to send and receive files from the archive hard drive paging, and for this reason the response rate is lower, that is, that performs a process to run on the hard disk by slower load.
If you have enough RAM (Windows XP, more than 512 mb), and with a simple modification can skip this step and open the programs more quickly.

For this we must go to Start – Run and type Regedit. In the Windows registry we navigate to locate in following string:

HKeyLocalMachine windows xp SYSTEM windows xp CurrentControlSet windows xp Control windows xp SessionManager windows xp MemoryManagement

In the right pane DisablePagingExecutive seek entry and double click. In the window that appears, change the value from 0 to 1, we give OK and reboot.

In this way we will have succeeded in increasing the speed of access to our programs because Windows will use less hard drive.

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