Starbucks record his first CTO, from Adobe

Clearly, Starbucks, aware that their public rarely attends their establishments without smartphone connected to the network, have noted the beneficial impact that a good technology strategy can have on your business. The latest proof is the signing of a former employee of the software firm Adobe, Gerri Martin-Flickinger, as CTO, or what is the same, responsible for technology.

And it’s a double news, not only by the addition of Martin-Flickinger at Starbucks, but also because she who debuts office, newly created, which will replace the previous one: CIO, or chief information officer.
That was what Martin-Flickinger was in his old house, Adobe.

This reflects, in the words of chief operating officer of Starbucks, Kevin Johnson, that not only searches Adobe Martin-Flickinger a good leader, but also someone who contribute their expertise to help set up a technology strategy that empowers Starbucks face the future. The statements are taken from an e-mail announcing the signing employees, which has echoed Bits, the technology blog on The New York Times. Johnson himself is from the world of technology: he joined Starbucks in 2013 from the firm Juniper Networks.

In recent months Starbucks has announced a series of technological movements, such as the creation of the Mobile Order and Pay service, which allows customers from Britain and the United States take charge its coffees from their mobile devices before hitting the stores in the chain, or its alliances with technology like streaming music service Spotify, the transport app Lyft and the online edition of The New York Times.

Nor is it the first exchange of talent between the world of technology and other services: because they were very discussed additions to Apple (in this case, to the contrary) of which he was CEO of the fashion company Burberry, Angela Ahrendts , responsible for stores, and Paul Deneve, former CEO, too, Yves Saint-Laurent, in charge of special projects.

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