How to create shortcuts in Mac

How to create a keyboard shortcut for Mac

Mac has a huge list of shortcuts existing at the time of purchase of the device, looking to simplify and improve the user experience keyboards. To view them, modify them and also to make new ones, you should go to System Preferences, and thence to the keyboard section. Open the section Keyboard Shortcuts.
You need to click the options you want to delete, modify, or create new ones in the same place by pressing the software button at the bottom.

When you select on the keyboard shortcuts you want to do, leaving the buttons software visible (to add a new shortcut) or – (to remove), you can also type the title you want to give the new shortcut, choose your options in the menu, and determine the preferred combination for the program or whatever you want to do, placing the cursor at the corresponding site and simultaneously press the shortcut keys that form. Then press the Add button, and the action will have been created.

20 keyboard shortcuts for Mac

Spacebar having a selected file: preview the document and allows navigate with keyboard arrows

Command software A: Select all the contents of a folder

Command software Spacebar: does the Spotlight search

Command software C: Copy

Command software Del: deletes one or more elements

Command-double-click: Opens the selected directory or file in a new window

Command software F: Opens the Search window

Command software M Minimizes the active window

Command software Option software Drag: Drag an alias or shortcut
Command software Option software Esc: force the closure of applications or restart your computer

Command software Shift software 4: makes a screenshot

Command software Shift software A Opens the applications folder

Command software Shift software N: Create a new folder

Command software TAB: Switches between open windows or applications

Command software V: Paste from Clipboard

Command software W: closes the active window

Command software Z software uppercase (or Command software Y) Redo

Command software Z: Undo the last action

Command software O: Opens the selection

Option-drag an icon to another folder: Drag a copy.

It remains to analyze existing shortcuts or you think own, to show off as an ace when it comes to optimize each of your activities on Mac.

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