How to know if a program will damage our computer

How to run programs without damaging our PC

Sometimes when we look for a program and downloaded from the Internet, the file is suspicious and doubt keep running it, or even the case that the antivirus detects it as a threat but we know that there is a virus. For all these cases, we have a tool that can be our ally to take away the doubt.

Sandboxie It is a tool that takes care of showing how the suspect program to know whether or not a virus works.
Acts as a bubble or cage, where everything is done within the does not affect our computer, acting as a test sector, but running like our own PC

Using Sandboxie

By installing this program, you will find an option in Windows Explorer to open any file using Sandboxie, or we can enter from the icon installed on the desktop.

All files created by this tool are in it without touching anything in our system, and are removed when the session ends.

No doubt it is an excellent tool to make sure that programs that run will not damage our computer.

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