How to reset a password BIOS Windows XP

BIOS (Basic Input bios Output System) is software that is built into your computer. There is a microchip on the system board that contains this software. Every time you start your computer, this software is checking all elements of hardware and loads the operating system.
Many modern computers provide access to the BIOS so that it can update or change various settings, but most computer manufacturers design their computers so a password is required to enter. If you have lost or forgotten your BIOS password, there are a couple of ways to get around this.

Using a command

Click bios Run and type cmd in the empty bar.

Type the following code in your command prompt, with the first o in each line from a letter O and the number 70 with the zero number.
or 70 2E
or 71 FF
Restart the computer and enter the BIOS setup before your operating system loads. Everything must be restored, and you can enter a new password.

Using commands Backdoor

Find a list of backdoor commands from different manufacturers and find the password that fits your model (see Resources for a list of commands and their backdoor computer model matching).

Trying to access the BIOS as you normally would.

Enter the backdoor password that you’ve found, instead of your normal password BIOS and BIOS settings must be reset.

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